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World Mission Creative Arts Centre ia a team ministry inspired by the Holy Spirt to train and commission individuals, laymen and women with an apostolic anointing and a vision for the nations of the earth, using the performing arts as an evangelistic strategy to fulfill purpose in the kingdom of God.

WMCAC Purpose - To stregthten(kingdom people) in there covenant commitment by explaining the nature and purpose of the church, using skilled believers to establish divine creativty in our various communities.

Your financial support is need to establish God's purpose in the Caribbean.

The project "Operation Growth for the Caribbean 1999"


                Administrative Staff Support                        $ 6,000.00

                Rent(Training Centre)                               $ 1,500.00

                Utilities(Telephone, Electricty, Insurrance)        $   900.00

                Publicity & Publications                            $   800.00

                Overseas Mision Support                             $ 1,000.00

                Radio Programme                                     $ 2,000.00

                TOTAL ..........................................    $12,300.00

Pledge(100 Persons pledging $113.00 per month).