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Mission links
Lots of Links of various Missions.
A site about the members in the United Kingdom. Needs some updating.
LDS in The UK The Latter-day Saints Online provides a range of information about the Church within the British Isles. It serves as both a resource to members and non-members.
LDSWorld LDS World a comprehensive site.
Preston Stake Site of Branches, Wards, and meeting times for the Stake.
LDS Org. The Official Site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
LDS Org. News Up to date news of events in the Church.
Are you a Return Missionary looking for some good tips for your next date ? Then you got to check out this site! Also, there is a good section for Couples who want that 'spark' in their relationship. Yes, its LDS standrads.
BABY ! BABY! Need some tips on the care of your wife during her pregnancy ? Check out this site.
Isle of Man A good site to improve your knowledge of the Isle of Man
Isle of Angelsey A good site with many pictures covering Angelsey and other parts of Wales.
A site that features other missions.
Wales Data
A good site for more data on Wales' traditions, customs, dress, etc..