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About Me...
Welcome to my web page and I hope you stay awhile. In the various sections below, right, and left you will find out a bit about me. By the way, my son created this page... if you need one just like this please visit; Borde Gobal Impact Designs ®

My Hobbies...
My hobbies are: dancing, singing, gardening, cooking, lawn tennis, craft making, travelling, barbering, socializing and being with my family.
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Trinidad Mall


I'm from Trinidad, an island in the West Indies. I am a member of the Church of Jesus christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was baptized on the 31st August, 1977. I have had many callings in the past; Relief Society President, Young Women President, Primary President and Activities and Music Chairpersons. At present I serve as the Single Adult Representative for my Branch. I would sure like to hear from you, we can correspond if you click here.

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