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WORLD MISSION CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE (WMCAC) was formed for the main purpose of establishing excellence in music for the Kingdom of God, by using the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago "The Steelpan" to praise and worship the Lord.

W.M.C.A.C. manufactures a range of steelpans from Tenor to Bass, but is particularly promoting "A Pan Kit" consisting of two tenors, one double tenor, one double second, one double guitar, with accessories such as stands, cases, sticks etc. Our special introductory prices are very competitive on the open market and our pans are chromed and well tuned to A440 standards.

W.M.C.A.C. has also established a training department for individuals wanting to Learn to Play the Steelpan, Drama, Dance, Poetry, Pan Manufacturing, Tie Dye and Batik, and Languages, giving the Christian Church an opportunity to create employment for its members. As a special introductory offer, we are offering a Group Tuition for five persons that can form a steelband at your local church.

We are looking forward to supplying you with our hand-crafted instruments that can be used in your church to praise the Lord.

QUOTED IN US$ (1 US$=TT$6.25) STARTER PAN LIST 2 Tenors(chromed) ---------------$640.00 1 Double Tenor(chromed) --------$320.00 1 Double Second(chromed) ------$352.00 1 Double Guitar(chromed) --------$400.00 STANDS Folding Stands (Single Chromed) -----------$100.00 Folding Stools (Double Chromed) ----------$150.00 Payment Plan: 50% Down payment, on delivery - Time 21 days. For International orders e-mail us for C.I.F Quotation.