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Piarco Airport Taxi Co-op. Society Ltd.
"For all your Transport Needs when in the Island Paradise of Trinidad"
Address: Piarco Airport, Trinidad West Indies
Phone: (868) 669-1689 Fax: (868) 669-1689

South East: Miles and miles of coconut trees command this part of Trinidad with the costal waters bordering the Atlantic Ocean. During certain periods of the year different functions and events take place on the beach that stir up quite a lot of activity for those who want a fun time.
Central: There is a unique bird sanctuary that is the home of the Scarlet Ibis. Boat tours are given almost everyday and one can dwell in the rich natural forests and swamps that make up Caroni.
North: On the north are two famous beaches; Las Cuevas and Maracas. Both of them promise excellent enjoyment while bathing in the sea. The routes that take you to these beaches also promises an adventure.
Smaller Islands: The smaller islands off the West Coast of Trinidad contain some of the rich outdoor life as one can enter caves, or visit old World War II Cannon turrets, or even just simply picnic after snorkling in the rich blue waters.
South: Most business men go to the South for business as many of the companies and plants of natural gas and oil are stationed there. San Fernando Hill has a historic background with its worship ceremonies once held by the original inhabitants; the Carib Indians.
CARNIVAL: Of course the biggest highlight for anyone visiting Trinidad is its Carnival. Carnival usually takes place somewhere in February or March each year for three days. Carnival consists of colourful costumes worn by revellers who parade to music on the streets. Its a very colourful event and worth seeing if you have never seen it before. Its highly recommended that you visit: TIDCO for more details of places we can take you while you are here in Trinidad.